Sunday, 29 January 2012

Nzfaro: stunning black & white image library

Nzfaro's Tumblr

A Touch Of Evil

Watch all of them here.

Moray McLaren-We Got Time

Such a great...animation? Not sure what to call it, 'cept for awesome.

Incredible ball boy catch at Australian Open

Cell Phone/Violin Jamming Improv

Julian Assange: The Next Jay Leno?

With the Wikileaks announcement of a 10-part political TV series, Julian Assange is about to become the best part of late-night television...Full Bullet Magazine Article Here.

Dubstep Drumline

Listen: Wild Nothing-Nowhere

Listen/Download: Wild Nothing: "Nowhere" (right click to download)

Mister Heavenly-Bronx Sniper

Crazy video:

Gingrich pledges moon colony during presidency

For realzies, Newt? For realzies?

COCOA, Fla. — Newt Gingrich told a cheering crowd along Florida's Space Coast late Wednesday that he would establish a permanent colony on the moon...Full article here.

Moonrise Kingdom official trailer

Royal Tenenbaumsy:

*Drool*: Mercedes-Benz restores oldest SL to mark 60th anniversary

Read full article here.

WTF reporter.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule, full link.

Awesome documentary. Watch below.

Steve Reich to Perform Piece Inspired By Radiohead: "Radiohead Rewrite" will premiere March 2013 in London

"The Guardian reports that next year, minimalist composer Steve Reich will premiere a new work at London's Southbank Centre, based on two Radiohead songs. Titled "Radiohead Rewrite", the piece reimagines "Everything In its Right Place" from Kid A as well as "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" from In Rainbows. "

Read full article here.