Sunday, 19 June 2011

Under appreciated artists of the day: Shooter Jennings and Hierophant

When you think of Shooter Jennings, you think of country music, right? Clearly, that was before you'd heard his newest album, Black Ribbons. It sounds like it would be more at home playing in some subversive underground nightclub than it would be in a country bar. Most of the songs are somewhere between progressive, psychedelic, and electronic, with vocals that sometimes verge on Marilyn-Mansonesque, and a little southern rock thrown in there for good measure. And sidenote--Stephen King collaborated with Jennings on Black Ribbons, being the voice of Will O' The Wisp, the fictional underground radio DJ whose dialogue (written in part by King) is featured in between tracks on the album. Here's one of the bangers of the album, "When the radio goes dead". Give it a listen here. DL here (looks a bit sketch, mostly because it's in Russian, but promise, it's clean).

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